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"April Good News"

Shalom *|FNAME|*,

What an amazing transformational month did we have. Did you feel as if all was changing in this intense time, yet no end results to show yet?It's almost as if all has been working in the back stage. Are you being supportive or critical in your life? I hope that you are able to see the work that still needs to be done,as well as what has been done already, and still be kind to yourself.

At the centre, we are still creating the signs and detox program, and what an artwork it will be! I now realize why it took me so long, the dedication and commitment levels that have been inserted into these programs is immense. A whole new class. It's actually a life changing opportunity. I've dedicated my knowledge and efforts to collaborate with the top in their field.

My life skills series of my e-books is way on its way. They have been transformed so many times in order to make sure that they will be as practical and beneficial to you as possible.

In search to find the Superstar team member, I've met so many wonderful people whom wanted to work for me at the centre and I am humbled to meet each of them. Again, like a masterpiece, I'm taking my time to pick those whom will be in total alignment with me and the Centre's vision.

I wish you all the very best and remember that this month is the month of Redemption of Passover, of Easter, time to break free of all the barriers that hold you down. Let go and be free, to shine and be in your full potential. I'm here for you to support you. always.


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Tip of the Month - "Manifest your whole year in 12 days"

This months new moon in April happens to be parallel on the new moon of the Jewish month of Nissan which is the month on redemption. I am conducting a special meditation on Monday to focus on manifesting the new energy for the whole year. The first 12  days will represent each month (starting from April - March) Please meditate on Monday night. Sit and manifest the energy that you wish to experience in the coming year.

How to do it?  Mark in your calender for the first 12 days of April to have special positive intent.
Make a note on
April 1st=Positive intent for April
April 2nd=Positive intent for May
April 3rd=Positive intent for June
April 4th=Positive intent for July
April 5th=Positive intent for August
April 6th=Positive intent for September
April 7th=Positive intent for October
April 8th=Positive intent for November
April 9th=Positive intent for December
April 10th=Positive intent for January
April 11th=Positive intent for February
April 12th=Positive intent for March

Try for each day to reflect and project positive energy that will enable the positive energy in your life for the year.


'Circle of Life'Meditation Group:

Meditation classes have been a great success and I am so pleased from the energy transformation. The participants are reporting great changes and spiritual growth by the week. Please feel free to join (bookings essential).
Meditation is on during school terms.
In a group session you will connect your awareness to your true sense of self. The session allows you to receive some practical tools to help you approach life with a positive energy and an expanded understanding of yourself and others.

Through a gentle, safe, firm and powerful approach, you will learn how to relax and tap into your deep unconscious. You will be assisted in confronting your own inner truth. It isn't as scary as you may think! By connecting to your own guides you can tap into your potential and overcome fears and traumas. You can fulfil your wishes and expand your horizons!

Second dates remaining: April 28th, May 5th, 12th, June 9th, 16th, 23rd
Time 7:15-8:30 pm.
Cost: $25 per session.

Upfront payment deal: Pay for a full term upfront of 8 sessions and receive your 9th session FREE.

Click here to learn more about the 'Circle of Life' Meditation.

We encourage you to call or email us if you are interested in our other workshops available. For a full list of these workshops please click here.

Please contact Sharon on 0402 117 701 or fill out the Workshops Registration Form.

ZAZEN WATER NEWS - Alkaline Mineral Water

How clean is your water?

Is it time to change your filters yet? We stock all of them. Change the Multi Stage Filter every 6 months, the Ceramic and Minerals every 12 months. Check now, which one needs to be updated.
“Come in for a drink on the house @ MKNDC.”
Drinking Zazen water will provide you with alkaline water (8.5 PH) reducing fluoride, removing rust, or heavy metals, as well as the added minerals and electrolytes (more than sports drinks such as Gatorade or Powerade).  Pauline Roberts PhD BSc. Scientific Researcher & Naturopath explains that "minerals in drinking water are more easily absorbed than minerals in food." The Zazen Alkaline Water System will aid in the detoxification of your body
At MKNDC we choose to sell the water filters at $450 - Valued at $540 ($495+alkaline pack). See and Feel the Difference!!!
Is it time to change your filters yet? We stock all of them. Change the Multi Stage Filter every 6 months, the Ceramic and Minerals every 12 months. Check now, which one needs to be updated.


We often get asked "But isn't water just water?"
NO - not all water is the same.

For water to act as a nutrient to your body and increase your well-being, energy & vitality, it must be filtered (cleaned of toxins, bacteria and chemicals), mineral & electrolyte rich, mildly alkaline, naturally energised and have smaller water cluster for cellular hydration. You will find all of this in Zazan Alkaline Water.

Water comparisons


At Melbourne Kinesiology and Detox Centre we offer you a peaceful and friendly environment- A place where healing comes from the soul.

We provide a wide variety of therapies including:


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