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Main Workshops

28 Lessons in Self Mastery

28 Lessons in Self Mastery   Overview Are you ready to master your life? Are you tired of feeling hurt and frustrated? Do you want to overcome those feelings of anxiousness and unfullfilled? Then this workshop is your solution. Let Sharon Tal help you to master your life and provide you with the tools to…

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Reiki–Practice night

Reiki practice nights are designed for Reiki channels. It allows the person to use their Reiki skills for practice and to keep the energy moving. By using hand positions on yourself and on fellow Reiki channels, you can expand and improve your abilities and healing knowledge. You will give and receive healing energy under Sharon’s…

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Circle of Life Meditation Workshop

  Overview So many people all around the world truly know the benefits of meditation. Now you too can tap into these benefits… Meditation can assist with improving a person’s emotional, mental, spiritual and physical health. Meditation can be used as a way to ease anxiety, work through stress and depression and is often a way for…

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RESET – Jaw & Body Balance

  RESET Workshop: Balance the Jaw – Balance the Body Do you suffer from: * Headaches?      * Migraines?      * Stress?     * Back aches? * Neck problems?     * Hormonal Imbalances?     * Sinus problems? *Clenching & Grinding?     * Bed wetting?     * Post Dental work trauma?  * Digestive Problems?     * Sleeping Disorders?  Overview Anyone can easily learn this…

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Reiki Usui Workshops

Reiki Usui Workshops   Overview Reiki in Japanese is ‘Universal Energy’. Reiki is about opening your own healing energy in order to clear blockages, to deal with life in a better way; taking each day as it comes, and making sure that you are in touch with your own emotions and feelings. Reiki has been…

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Kinergetics Unit 1- 6

Kinergetics Workshops Overview Kinergetics is a modality of Kinesiology that encompasses other modalities together, and brings them together in a very logical way. The complete Kinergetics Modality  consists of five sequential Workshop Units. Each Unit consists of 15 hours of tuition. Each Unit is usually taught in the format of a 2-day Workshop. Each Unit can be taken…

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