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Crystal Mezuzah Cover

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The Crystal Mezuzah Cover


The Mezuzah cover was created with healing energy and positive intentions.

Crystals have been used since biblical time.

It is known that the high priest ‘Cohen Gadol’ used to wear a twelve stone  Choshen on his chest. (Shmot Names 28 Verses 15-21)

Each of the twelve Gemstones signifies one of the tribes of Israel. They are a mix of Precious and Semi Precious Stones.  Part of the symbolism is that we all equal before G-D no matter What!


Your Mezuzah Cover  -has a specific selection of Crystals that were made according to  your Energy.

The Mezuzah Cover  is energetically charged with a chapter from the Tehilim-Psalms. specifically chosen to match your  Energy.

Each mezuzah Cover  is purposely made for an individual, family or Business at heart, By Sharon Tal. With Intentions of Care, Love and Healing.


It is the perfect gift for the Jewish Home, Business, as a  wedding, Engagement or birthday present.

The Product Does Not includes The Mezuzah Scroll Insert. It can be purchased seperatly