An American Indian Healing Workshops  with Sharon is a magical blend of herb wisdom, history, ceremony, drum vibrations and living tradition that draws on an extensive amount of study with Native American healers.

Sharon is well studied in the principles of Native American healing and understands, illnesses are not rooted in the affected area, but are caused by spiritual imbalances, which can be corrected by herbs, meditation and rituals

Each of us is given spirit gifts (totems) at birth to help us discover our path on the “Good Red Road.” You can define your path and serve yourself and others while enjoying the trip, for the journey is more important than the destination.

All members of creation (animals, plants and minerals) have unique characteristics, energies and lessons giving you direction.

On these workshops you will make wonderful creations by working with Sharon on this discovery of birth totem profiles and Native American creations.


What American Indian Workshops can I do with Sharon?

Some of the American Indian workshops that Sharon Facilitate (Via Native American Trained Masters) at the Centre include:



American Indian Healing

– Sweat Lodge

An American Indian Ceremony designed to help release fear and anger. Helps heal negative emotions and balances the whole being, on many levels.
The sweat lodge is run with lots of care and supervision.

Location: “Dja Williams” Daylesford (Tipi camping available).




-AAmerican Indian Healingmerican Indian Drum Making

Create your own Unique Healing American Indian Drum. This workshop provides you with the materials and an interactive environment in which you create your own unique and authentic Healing American Indian Drum.

The drum resonates like the heart beat. It is the sound of Healing to the heart. You will learn how to tune the drum to your energy, and will use it to focus and draw energy during a special meditation, using the drum as a healing tool.




– Dream Catcher MakingAmerican Indian Healing

Create your own Dream Catcher in a Native American traditional manner. For centuries Dream Catchers were used to counteract negative energies and invoke positive dreams.

The American Indians believe using a dream catcher can stop negative spirits and only the positive spirits are allowed to enter inside.

Hang it in the Bedroom, your healing room or any window. It’s great for protection and decoration. (Materials included)







– Medicine Bag Making


You will learn the ancient art of creating your own American Indian Medicine Bag.American Indian Healing

Find the healer within!

The medicine bag is used to carry your own Medicine tools (crystals, feathers, personal healing, etc.).

You will discover your own medicine totems through a special American Indian meditation that will assist in your spiritual growth. (Materials included)



American Indian Healing Workshop Details

Date:                                   TBA (Minimum 6 participants)

Time:                                  TBA

Location:                          847-849 Glen Huntley Rd, CAULFIELD SOUTH VIC 3162

Location:                          ” Dja Williams” Daylesford (Tipi camping available).

Location:                           TBA, if held at a private residence or workplace

Duration:                           Depends on the workshop. From few hours ( Dream Catcher, Medicine Bag) To a Full Day (Drum , Sweat Lodge)- All in Native Shamanic Time…

Cost:                                   $100-$400


At the end of the American Indian Healing Workshop you will be able to:

  • Make a drum
  • Make a dream catcher
  • Make a medicine bag
  • Feel confident in using the above.
  • Experience a Sacred Sweat Lodge



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