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28 Lessons in Self Mastery Life Skills

28 Lessons in Self Mastery
is Now Available

This Book is based on the original enlightening videos. Sharon has called it “28 Lessons in Self Mastery -Life Skills Series volume 1”, because with each topic, you will gain valuable skills that can change your life. Sharon has added practical tips and tools for your Self-Empowerment.  Enjoy !


"Sharon Tal is what you all need in your life ! I experienced so many different therapies with Sharon such as foot spa detox and kinesiology sessions. Sharon transformed my life and created an abundance of possibilities, she has the cleanest energy and she has such an amazing soul! If you want to find the better version of yourself Sharon is the one that will show you how to do it. Highly recommended!"


"Sharon Tal is a talented healer with a great sense of intuition, empathy, compassion and a gift to address the root causes of health issues. As a doctor myself, I hold high standards for those I choose in my healing team."


"I have only known Sharon for 4 months but in this short period of time, she has taken me to the best place that I have been, mentally, physically and spiritually in over 15 years! Like many others, I have struggled a great deal with family issues from almost a baby which led me into a very self-destructive path growing up after 18. I was holding on to so many painful memories that only Sharon has been able to surface and help me accept so I can finally move on and be happy. In these 15 years, I have seen other healthcare professionals. Sharon is the only person who has been able to treat my body and mind as a whole. I would recommend Sharon to anyone struggling."


About the Author

With over 20 years’ experience in the kinesiology and healing world, Sharon is a proven expert in her field and she is offering us the opportunity to evolve with this amazing practical book and workshop – 28 Lessons in Self Mastery. With all of this knowledge Sharon will help your business grow and increase in revenue through thriving visions and strategies, by empowering your employees.

Sharon broke through her glass ceiling (childhood abuse which lasted through the ages 4 to 14 years) and she battled to rise above via a great journey of successful discovery, which today enables her to be a complete expert in her field. She walks her talk, has clearly moved from survive to thrive and can help you do the same.