1 Thank You Sharon

“At the end of my first detox session (June 5th 2012), water was brown, had strong rusty-metal smell, and heavy brown scum floated in it.

As I walked home, I had the most incredible feeling in my knees – they were moving in an easy way – as if they were released from some restricting bandages. It was quite enjoyable to walk lightly again, something I believed I lost through aging; I am 70 years old.
That first night in bed I experienced another benefit from detox. My legs always felt heavy, hard to settle in any position, and would get painfully stiff after a time, which would also wake me up. Nothing like that happened. I had a most restful night, and have enjoyed the same ever since.
For some years I had a painful discomfort at the back of my left mid-thigh. Any pressure, for any length of time, would cause me so much pain that I needed to constantly adjust leg’s position. ( I have quite a collection of soft pads and inflatables for that purpose, but which never helped for long.) I could shout with joy now – I no longer have the problem! It cleared away after my third detox session. I even sat in a theatre for two hours, and did not need to make a single ‘leg comfort’ move throughout.

I have no doubt that foot detox is doing the most cleansing to benefit my joints and bones at this stage. It is quite obvious to me that poisonous, metallic deposits have created sensitivities and weakness in my system. I knew that not everything could be blamed on old age, but what I have been experiencing is something I never dreamed a foot detox could produce. To be able to walk, sit and sleep without any stiffness, discomfort or pain is a miracle, and only after the seven-session program. As a long-time sufferer I can only call it a one-month miracle.

Foot detox is the best thing that came my way. I intend to keep it up until my system is cleansed from toxins, and I can enjoy life free from discomforts and aches again. I have every reason to believe that it is a possible achievement, and that other health benefits from cleansing will follow in due time.
For all encouragement and understanding I receive here from you, I say a hearty – Thank you Sharon”

Sincerely ,
Danka M – 10 July 2012


Further Results for Danka!

“I am very pleased to tell you that I am experiencing more benefits from the Foot-bath detox.
I have always been inclined towards developing swollen ankles and feet; a problem which got a lot worse in the last few years. Since starting the program, my ankles and feet have gradually lost most of their puffiness and to such an extent that I am now able to comfortably wear a pair of shoes which I could not even put on any more.

All my footwear now feels a bit loose, and best of all, my feet do not swell even after hours in any, as it used to be the case. It is truly great to be able to wear shoes with such comfort again.
Medical profession calls it “wear and tear with age”, but finger joints can be very painful, even at the lightest pressure or a tap against a hard surface. I have my “share” of them and their constant hurting was often distressing. Not any longer!

Like my ankles and feet, just as gradually and in tandem, my finger joints have improved. I have not had one newly inflamed or painful joint, in spite of it being mid-winter, and all swellings on them have eased off. Effects of wear and tear will always be with me, but it is an immeasurable relief just not to suffer constant discomfort or pain because of them.

I find great reassurance in the knowledge that, there is such a simple, effective way to reduce harm caused in the past, as well as to prevent further harm from happening.
Once again, thank you,

Danka M – 1 August 2012


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