Sharon Tal started her Festivals and Expo Career in Melbourne in the year 2000. For few years she has been a part of the sought after psychic readers team, in the Mind Body and Spirit festivals. And then supporting the kinergetics and the health Arts College stands as an instructor and a fellow Healer.

In the last few years, Melbourne Kinesiology & Detox Centre is a powerful standalone establishment and Happy to provide many modalities and services to the public.

Sharon always enjoys reconnecting with clients and students that come and visits her at the stand. There is always an extra hug there. There are new clients that wish to experience her healing gifts, and ready to shift their energy. ( they get a hug at the end as well )

Sharon will Dare you to change at least one thing in your life. And people love it!!!

Usually Sharon will present at the expo or Festival, As She is always excited to educate people about the benefits of kinesiology and stress management and well being . Her vast knowledge enables her to answer the public questions with great confidence.