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The Citrine Program Package

The Fat Zapping Detox

Best for those who:

  • Have started the detox journey
  • Wish to release toxins on a deeper level
  • Are looking for a full substance cleanse
  • Are over weight/suffer from cholesterol
  • Need an over all fat cleanse

Reported benefits include:

  • Getting over insomnia
  • Clear skin, eczema
  • Reduced menopause effects
  • Regulated blood sugar levels
  • Decreased fluid retention

What’s included & How it works

A further two week program to detox the liver, kidneys and stimulate the lymphatic system. The extra two weeks will stimulate the release of toxins more deeply than the two week detox using the following:

  • 7 detox foot spa sessions in fat zapping mode to help clear and balance your: joints, arteries, liver, digestion, lymphatic system, immune system and brain every second/third day.
  • Vibro Plate Program to move and free the body toxins.
  • Proven top of the market detox nutritional support product.
  • One hour “mind set kinesiology” session focussed on enabling you to set goals; clear addictions, self-sabotages, and stress; observe your diet and balance hydration.
  • Pre- and post-detox questionnaire to measure, assess and re-assess your current wellbeing.
  • Our full support during the sessions including 24 hour text and online support.
  • Access to an additional 2 x e-books written by Sharon
    (A link to download the e-books will be accessible on receipt of full payment for the Citrine detox program).
  • 1 Citrine crystal to promote grounding and further cleansing.
  • Personal Committment Contract.
  • Easytipsandtrickstohelpyoutorestrictyourintakeofca eine(co ee,tea,chocolate,energy drinks), alcohol, sugar, dairy and gluten for best possible results (for the detox time at least).

For more information or to make a booking please contact Sharon

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