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Shamanic healing


How can an American Indian Healing session help me?

Embrace the ancient healing arts of the American Indians to transform your life

An American Indian Healing session with Sharon incorporates mind and body techniques to treat almost any condition whether it is psychological or physical.

Sharon is well studied in the principles of Native American healing. She understands that illnesses are not rooted in the affected area, but often caused by spiritual imbalances, which can be corrected by herbs, meditation and rituals. Using this premise, Sharon is able to help access deep rooted trauma and locate remedies that can relieve physical pain.


What is American Indian Healing?

American Indian Healing incorporates much of what we understand about herbal medicine today. Keeping in mind that herbs were a staple of American Indian Healing that has saved millions of lives, for almost any kind of complaint – bark, tinctures, flowers, salves or teas made of leaves and berries were consumed or applied to treat ailments/sickness.

Penicillin changed the course of the medical profession, allowing previously life-threatening conditions to be treated. A little known fact is that an American healing Indian invented the use of penicillin (using mould) centuries ago, to cure infection both inside the body and on external lesions – this was actually before penicillin was discovered by doctors.

It is also bound in positive rituals that are filled with smoke, sweat and drum vibrations.


What happens in a session with Sharon?

Sharon’s American Indian Healing sessions includes:

  • discussion about your life, lifestyle, history and current environment
  • smudging – holding smoking sage in your ‘aura’ to cleanse the body
  • drumming and percussion to renew your spiritual rhythms
  • communication with your animal guides (totems)
  • kinesiology to ask your body what it needs to heal.

The session begins with the beating of drums, its powerful rhythm reverberating through your body to recharge and revitalise your spirit.

Sharon places healing crystals on your body, in line with any unbalanced chakras where you will be asked to close your eyes and see your healing evolve.


What other information is helpful to me about American Healing?

"We are part of the land and the land is part of us. We need to take care of the land."

 American Indian People

American Indian people are taught how to listen to and observe nature and animals and to work with them.  Shamans believe that Father Sky and Mother Earth are very powerful and that we can use the tools that we receive from nature in order to survive.

The teachings include respect for every living thing, listening to one another, and allowing your own personal growth to be rewarded with more responsibilities in your actions.

At Melbourne Kinesiology & Detox Centre, we too teach respect for each and every person just the way that they are. We are all unique children of the creator and we all have an individual purpose in this world.


American Indian Workshops with SharonAmerican Indian Healing

During this unique meditation, the talking staff is used to give the holder permission to talk exclusively in the group.

This way each person is fully heard. Sharon often uses her self-built drum in order to connect to the inner heartbeat. White sage is lit in order to naturalise the energy, as it is passed around the circle members.

Also used is symbolism of the medicine animals to get more insight from the mess

American Indian Healing

ages received during the meditation.






Can I attend Native American workshops with Sharon?


American Indian Workshops with Sharon

Some of the American Indian workshops that Sharon facilitates (Via Native American Trained Masters) at the Centre and at other locations  include:

  • Sweat Lodge
  • American Indian Drum Making
  • Dream Catcher Making
  • Dream Catcher Making
  • Medicine Bag Making


Can I get a refund through my health fund?

Yes, you can when kinesiology is provided in your Extras.



Please give Sharon a call on 0402 117 701 or e-mail, with your question/s.