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How can an Energy Clearing session help me?

Energy drives everything! Clear away the old and bring in the new!

If you feel that your house is haunted, or you simply feel that there may be something physically, emotionally or energetically wrong, Sharon can help you.

Throughout history, stories of negative energies, spirits or ghosts have scared both adults and children.

Sharon says, “These entities need not be scary; they simply need to be cleared”.


Can Sharon clear negative energy and where?


Energy clearing can operate on a soul or a space. Sharon might work on:

  • you
  • another individual
  • a home
  • a business premise.

For example, if you have a pain in your body that just seems to stay after all logical efforts are made to get rid of it – it could be energetically stuck.

You may feel that your home, either when buying or selling, requires energetic cleansing. Examples for this type of cleansing might include:

  • Within the property market, houses are being sold, (or not) in response to good or bad feelings that the buyer has; often it is most likely unknown to those involved whether it’s because of spirits or negative forms.
  • Within your home, you feel uneasy about something. It could be something second hand, a gift that was given from a disgruntled person or a past event that occurred within the home.

All of these negative energies can be found and cleared by Sharon.

In business good energy is important! By making sure that energy is flowing properly you will get the best results from yourself, your employees and your customers. The method Sharon uses is a very special, powerful and a unique method aimed at clearing out the old and welcoming in the new.


Sharon has cleared the following negative energy:

  • Energising the space with positive energy.
  • Clearing negative energies that stayed from previous tenants (divorce, death, hardship).
  • Clearing spirits that got stuck between the dimensions.
  • Clearing personal entities from both you and your Real estate Agent, when a property will not sell without an obvious reason.
  • Releasing attached entities, from you.
  • Assisting you when you sense there is “something” in the house.
  • General home and personal energy clearing.

By asking Sharon to complete an Energy Clearing session, you (the client) are reassured that you are cleansing, energising and only inviting the positive energies to enter into your (the client’s) life.


Examples of Sharon’s Energy Clearing Service:

Business Energy Clearing

A client of Sharon’s owned a business, which was located in part of a former orphanage from the 1920’s.

Even though the building had been renovated, the paint could not hide what had happened years ago.

Sharon saw the spirits who were stuck and communicated with the spirit of a woman who was the child-minder in the orphanage back in the 1920’s.

The woman told Sharon that it used to be an orphanage for many unwanted babies – from single mothers or from families who didn’t have the money to feed or clothe another child.

The woman also explained that some children were just left on the doorstep and that not all of the people who worked there had compassion. She loved all the children and wanted them to stay with her even after their death and had wanted to protect them.

Such energetic history can be an active drain in the present. Sharon cleansed the whole premises and the business has since thrived to become even more successful.


Home Energy Clearing

A client gave a wedding gift of Sharon’s Energy Clearing service to bless and cleanse the newlyweds home/house.

Sharon went to the house and saw that it was re-built from the ground up though everything inside was new.

Sharon looked around the house and on the way to the basement, behind the laundry room, there was something wrong with the energy.

Sharon asked the owners whether there was anything in the cupboard, which was given to them from someone else. They said, “Yes – a suitcase belonging to an ex-partner, which they had used on a holiday.”

Sharon realised that this was the source of contamination for the whole house, and after further conversation with the owners, realised that this ex-partner had been very jealous of the new relationship. Sharon cleared the energy.

Another house Sharon encountered had been used as a school at the beginning of the century and though it had been re-built and renovated, there was still some energy to clear.

The main spot was in the room that the lady of the house used to meditate daily, and all the negative energy that she released had accumulated in the clothes cupboard. Fortunately, Sharon found it and cleared all the negative accumulated energy.


Personal Energy Clearing

A male client in his late 30’s was stabbed while in his 20’s. 10 years later he still had the energetic wound within him and he was suffering pain in his stomach.
After Sharon cleared him, the severe pain that he had in his stomach had eased up. He is now a changed man – mind, body and spirit.

A young female client on anti-depressant pills was very depressed, and Sharon found her to have an energetic disturbance that got into her and affected her mood in a very negative way.

After Sharon gave her a clearing session her life changed.

She moved away, became an artist, has regular exhibitions and said, “I feel very successful”.



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