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First Aid for Emotional Trauma



How can a First Aid for Emotional Trauma session help me?

Emotional trauma needs emergency care too!

We don’t think of emotional pain as something that has a first aid kit. But what if it did?

We all use coping mechanisms under pressure, to help us survive our immediate pain. However, it is important not to get stuck in a pain behaviour or survival reaction.

This is where First Aid for Emotional Trauma comes to the rescue.

Emotional First Aid follows a priority protocol, just like physical First Aid. If you have ever completed your First Aid Certificate or seen how a First Aid Officer works – You know just how effective this is on a physical trauma.   Sharon can achieve the same effective result to help you with your emotional trauma.


What is Emotional Trauma?

Emotional trauma affects every aspect of the human being:

  • Acupuncture meridians become unbalanced
  • digestion and elimination do not work properly
  • creative thought stifles
  • immune function is put on hold.

This can lead to degeneration of our health, and even chronic illness. These effects of longstanding stress have been well researched and documented.

The saying “time will heal” is only true if we allow the healing process to unfold.

Many people don’t know how to let healing happen and how to support the process. Often they end up suppressing the experience they’ve had.

We are born with an amazing ability to handle stress and survive trauma. However, if trauma is suppressed rather than healed, recovery may not happen fully. If trauma is not attended to with care, many other areas of life may be affected.


Can Sharon clear old emotional trauma?


Sharon Tal is an international Kinesiology and Kinergetics practitioner (and teacher – see HOME page workshop lists) since 2001.
Sharon works to locate and reveal the core of repeated patterns in your behaviour that are holding you back or impacting your health and well-being.  She then works on clearing it away with the Kinesiology and Kinergetics system, allowing a sense of freedom and deeper awareness arise within you.

Effective care and healing time is as essential for your emotional trauma as it is for physical injury.

When emotional trauma is treated with skill, love and care, healing can happen with minimal scarring, which means future limitations within your life, will be removed.

If this care is not given, the painful memory may be locked into the body/mind like a hologram that can be triggered again and again by any event that looks, smells, sounds or feels like the original event.

Sharon also has the ability to muscle test you and can reveal trauma/blockages that manifest as repeated emotional trauma patterns in your life, to then clear them.


Can I attend a workshop in First Aid for Emotional Trauma?


Emotional First Aid follows a priority protocol; just like physical First Aid and you can learn the practical steps needed and share them with others.

Sharon teaches this workshop as well as other workshops. Sharon is the first instructor in the world to be given this honour and privilege to teach it.

Please see HOME page workshop lists.

Knowing how to help a traumatised person is a wonderful and empowering skill to possess.  Many people avoid talking to the emotionally injured person or avoid talking about what has happened, because they themselves feel uncomfortable and don’t know what to say or do.

It’s a gift to know how to be of assistance in a person’s life that we love and truly help them.


Can I get a refund through my health fund?

Yes, you can when kinesiology is provided in your Extras.



Please give Sharon a call on 0402 117 701 or e-mail, with your question/s.