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How can a Psychic & Tarot Card Reading session help me?Psychic Readings and Tarot

From time to time we all come across tricky situations (confusing, upsetting or exciting), where our own point of view or personal issues can cloud our perspective, giving us a limited view of the actual positive, possibilities within our situation.

Psychic readings provide that much needed bigger picture. You will gain:

  • help in seeing the “true” situation from an overall perspective.
  • gain clarity and direction.

Sharon Tal is a Psychic and Tarot card reader that can assist by showing you the whole picture of your situation. Leave with a new sense of clarity and direction.


What does Sharon use to give me clarity and direction?

Sharon uses imagery and expression to unravel your current situation and her gift of Channelling through high light beings enables her to connect to your guides and provide you with answers from their unlimited view.


Is Sharon qualified and experienced?


Sharon is practiced and tertiary qualified in meditation, self-development Tarot Card readings and psychic empowerment for over 20 years. She is non-judgmental, and always comes from a clear hearted position of love, light, honesty and truth.



Is my future, according to my reading, set in stone?Psychic Readings and Tarot


Sharon believes that psychic readings, when carried out correctly, do not reveal your  future as set in stone, nor do they tell you what to do, as this may contribute to limiting beliefs about the future or unnecessary stress. They simply provide insight to the positive possibilities of your situation.


What can I expect from a reading with Sharon?

Sharon’s readings are aimed at enlightening, empowering and offering positive guidance to you.

People from all around the world enjoy Sharon’s readings and she is a regular reader at the Mind, Body and Spirit Show.

Tarot cards are used as a tool to provide imagery and some direction, but it is the ability to channel the light and specific information for the individual, which sets Sharon apart from many readers.


Where are readings done?

Readings can be done in person, on the phone or via the Internet.




Organising a Party and want Sharon there to do readings?

Now also accepting bookings for dinner parties, ‘hen’s nights’, special events and celebrations. (here Sharon is Performing readings for the “Water Aid Gala” at the Palladium, Crown Casino, May 2014. It was Arabia Night theme)


Questions ?

Please give Sharon a call on 0402 117 701 or email, with your question/s.