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How can a Reiki and Seichem session help me?

Let healing hands work their magic on you.

Sharon uses Reiki and Seichem to treat any illness, injury, emotional distress and spiritual confusion.

For chronic complaints, weekly sessions may be recommended by Sharon, but symptoms may clear up in as little as one session and appointments are made according to your need and availability.

Terminally ill patients may not be able to be healed, but Reiki can be valuable to help sufferers come to a peaceful resolution in their life by gaining greater understanding of life purpose/journey and be relieved of some symptoms.

Reiki works very well with other therapies, including orthodox medicine.

It is very good as a self-help tool and you can give it to yourself (see our Workshop listing) or to your family and friends.


What is Reiki and Seichem?

Tap into the universal energy that is your birth right.

Reiki in Japanese is ‘Universal Energy’. Reiki is about opening your own healing energy in order to clear blockages, to deal with life in a better way; taking each day as it comes, and making sure that you are in touch with your own emotions and feelings.

Reiki has been used for thousands of years, though was rediscovered in the last century by Mikao Usui.

Seichem is a beautiful addition to Reiki or any kind of energetic healing method that you use.

Similar to Reiki, Seichem connects with source energy, to establish healing in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.

The energy is used to heal and to stimulate personal development and growth and to assist in reaching ones true purpose.

Seichem is another aspect of the one Source and it was rediscovered in 1980 by Patrick Zeigler while he was visiting Egypt, after spending the night in the King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid.

It is a process of allowing and guiding the flow of energy. Through this process, certain energetic blocks are found and identified. Once the awareness is brought to these blocks, spontaneous initiation/s occur.

Together, they are like a match made in heaven.


What happens in a Reiki and Seichem session with Sharon?

Sharon practices Reiki on you by placing her hands over parts of your body, usually beginning at the head.

Her hands are held for a few minutes on each position as Sharon (Qualified Reiki Master) channels healing energy and attunes your body.

Normally your whole body is attended to during a session, which assists in the release of emotions. Afterwards, you may feel relaxed or energised.



The Reiki Principals                                         

These are the 'Rules to Live By' that Reiki practitioners are expected to follow.

They represent Unconditional and Universal Love:

1. Just for Today, I will not be angry.

2. Just for Today, I will not worry.

3. Just for Today, I will count my many blessings.

4. Just for Today, I will do my work honestly.

5. Just for Today, I will be kind to every living creature.


How can I organise a Reiki and Seichem session to help me?

Please give Sharon a call on 0402 117 701 or e-mail, to organise an appointment.


How can I attend a Reiki workshop?

Please view the workshop listing and select Reiki for a complete workshop outline.

Of course, if you want to go over your Reiki questions, please call Sharon direct on 0402 117 701 or e-mail, to organise a discussion time.


How can I attend a Reiki practice night?

Reiki practice nights are designed for Reiki channels.

It allows the person to use their Reiki skills for practice and to keep the energy moving.

By using hand positions on yourself and on fellow Reiki channels, you can expand and improve your abilities and healing knowledge.

You will give and receive healing energy under Sharon’s guided and supervised tuition.


Date:                                    1st Thursday of each month (Bookings Essential)

Time:                                    7.15pm to 8.30pm

Location:                             847-849 Glenhuntly Rd, CAULFIELD South VIC 3162

Duration:                             1 and a half hours / 90 minutes

Cost:                                     $30


Questions ?

Please give Sharon a call on 0402 117 701 or e-mail, with your question/s.