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Spiritual healing

How can Spiritual and Soul Healing help me?

Sharon can help you figure out where healing is required in your mind, body and spirit and then deliver the appropriate therapy for your best result. The benefits of spiritual and soul healing are many and varied.

Healing assists in relieving stress, which is a major contributor to illness and disease (dis-ease within the body), especially psychosomatic and psychological diseases such as headaches, migraines, asthma, anxiety and depression.

Sharon can help relieve emotional pain, plus she can also be of value along with traditional medicine, in difficult to treat conditions such as cancer, chronic fatigue syndrome and multiple sclerosis.


What is spiritual and Soul healing and how does it work?

Spiritual and Soul Healing is a form of energy based healing which focuses the healing energies of the universe through Sharon, to you , for the benefit of being healed.

It works through the body’s energy field affecting the main 7 chakras (see below), organs, glands, lymphatic and the meridian system.


There are several forms of healing that fall under the general term ‘Spiritual and Soul healing’ and the majority of Spiritual/Soul healers use either their hands with some light touch, or visualisation and prayer if at a distance from the client. Sharon does all this and more.

Sharon offers spiritual and soul healing both individually and in-group sessions.


What happens in a session with Sharon?

In an individual session, Sharon places her hands on the client’s shoulders or head in order to tune into their body, which starts the energy flowing through Sharon’s hands.

Sharon focuses on holding a feeling of compassion and the intention to heal, and will often experience the warm, tingling, or cool sensations of energy flowing through to your body.

The healing session is completed when Sharon’s hands return to your shoulders. After the healing session, it is important to drink a glass of water, which helps your body to discharge any toxins released by the healing.


Can I help myself in-between sessions with Sharon?

A holistic view of healing is implemented.

Sharon combines other healing techniques with the basic spiritual and soul healing, for example – Between sessions Sharon may ask you to practice meditation (one that she would suggest), relaxation, or visualisation exercises to help you learn simply to “be”, which will assist you in further developing in-between future sessions.

Sharon recommends regularly practicing meditation, relaxation or visualisation techniques which can also assist you with self-healing as it strengthens the mind, body and spirit connection.

It’s definitely easier to have a guide when healing and Sharon is tertiary qualified with life experience, which enables her to support you through your healing process.


Where do I begin?

At Melbourne Kinesiology & Detox Centre, Sharon will assist you in Spiritual and Soul Healing, with whatever you want to address and clear. Her years of study and life experience will ensure you are in expert hands.


What will my spiritual and soul healing strategy consist of?

Sharon will….

  • Assess your emotional, physical, mental and stress related issues
  • Establish a structured spiritual healing plan
  • Guide you through an effective healing session/s
  • Give you a great sense of self-empowerment and self esteem
  • Support you (without judgment) on any issue.


Do you want to be free of some upsetting issues?

Let Sharon be your secret weapon – and get excited to have friends and family notice the change in not only your expanded positive attitude towards life, but you feeling happy.


Can I get a refund through my health fund?

Yes, you can when kinesiology is provided in your Extras.


Success and happiness

Sharon recognises that you are “braving it” when you come for spiritual healing. Only because, it is easy to push things under the rug and pretend it’s “okay”, when it’s clearly not.

It does take courage – but the rewards of being brave are endless.

Now’s the time to let go of your frustrations, and go get what you crave.

Sharon is here to support your “braveness” and take you to a place of success and happiness.


Questions ?

Please give Sharon a call on 0402 117 701 or email, with your question/s.