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Do you want to successfully lose weight?

Sharon Tal did and is successfully on her path to her dream weight.

Sharon said,

“I have shed more than 28 kg!   Yippie!   I know how to do it. It’s not just about FOOD, or else we would all be Skinny…there are more factors involved.”

“From my own personal experience of losing weight, and my tertiary qualifications, I also know that you can too! So let’s make it happen, together!”

Are YOU ready, to take back control of your life and body?

You’re not alone…

Excess weight gain has become an issue for many people around the world. As many people keep searching for the answer, the solution still escapes them.

Excess weight gain is an indicator of health or emotional issues that block you from taking control of your life and body, disabling you to lose weight.

It is vital for you to understand the core reasons behind your weight gain, so that you don’t regain the lost weight constantly.

With this knowledge (physical health or emotionally related), you can understand how you can take back control of your life and have the actual weight your body and soul enjoys.

Where do I begin?

At Melbourne Kinesiology & Detox Centre, Sharon will help you gain an in-depth understanding of the causative factors involved in your specific weight gain and will assist you / your body in achieving a healthy fat/muscle ratio.


What will my weight management strategy consist of?

Sharon will….

  • Process your emotional, physical health, mental and stress related issues
  • Balance toxicity and hormones to a healthy level
  • Guide you to simple and beneficial habit and life style changes
  • Give you a great sense of self-empowerment and self esteem
  • Support you (without judgment) on your weight loss journey.


Is this scientifically tested and proven?


Kinesiology and Kinergetics are both scientifically proven modalities.

Additionally, Sharon’s experience has proven this pathway breeds a successful result.


What will I learn on this scientifically proven weight-loss program?

  • Why many diets don’t work or don’t work for long.
  • How to tailor an action plan that is specifically suited to meet your weight loss needs and achieve your dream weight.
  • How to increase your metabolic rate to maximum weight loss.
  • If you have any personal “Sabotage Programs” that prevent you from losing weight – which she will clear.
  • Holistically and systematically balancing your entire body on all levels (Physical, Mental, Emotional and Biochemical) to achieve a healthy weight.
  • The benefits of exercise and how to establish your appropriate starting pace.
  • How to set Weight Management Goals and achieve them.
  • Know what to do if you break your program and how to get going again.
  • Daily focus plan.


Do you want to be the weight you always dreamed of?

Let Sharon be your secret weapon – and get excited to have friends and family notice the change in not only your weight loss, but also your expanded positive attitude toward your life.



Every weight loss success has a story behind it.

Now’s the time to let go of your frustrations, and go get what you crave.

Sharon is here to help you 'jump start' your story to success!


Can I get a refund through my health fund?

Yes, When you are Covered for kinesiology in your extras.


Questions ?

Please give Sharon a call on 0402 117 701 or email with your question/s.