I met Sharon end of last year for muscle testing/ Kinesiology after suffering from food intolerance for years.

Since then my life style has changed immensely. I found out from Sharon which foods make me sick and have learned to avoid them .Also I started to attend meditation classes run by Sharon on Monday evenings.  Prior to this, I never did any meditating in my life. I always thought mediation was something that not meant to me.


As I mentioned earlier, I have became a better person physically,as well as, mentally and spiritually. The meditation has given me a great inner peace and to be calm regardless what situation arises around me at any time.I have started to count my blessings than my troubles.  My family and friends noticed the difference in me too. I feel like I have a different energy flowing in me at all times. Now I am going to learn Reiki from Sharon.

Also I absolutely enjoy listening  to Sharon’s, “Soul time” a  radio show  about spirituality in to reality and reality into spirituality every Thursday afternoons on J-air. Listening to this talk show every Thursday night after my work enriches my mind and soul.

Thank you Sharon immensely for transforming me into a new person. I love the new me. I highly recommend Sharon’s kinesiology Sessions and meditation classes to anyone who likes to lead a peaceful life.


Jan N

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