Top 5 Unique Mother's Day Gifts

Are you sick of giving Mum flowers and chocolates for Mother's Day?  Time to step it up a bit and give Mum something she will truly benefit from.  We've compiled these five unique gifts that are practical, useful and offer the gift of health.

Magnesium oil

This is one of the most versatile products you can get.  Magnesium oil is absolutely essential to humans and helps in the healthy function of nerves, muscles, bones and heart rhythm (so everything really!).

And our magnesium oil is not only the highest-grade quality magnesium from the Dead Sea, but it has also been energised with Reiki healing by our very own Soul Alchemist, Sharon Tal.

So how do you use it?  Magnesium oil is applied trans-dermally (that’s via the skin…) and you can use it target specific problems, or just generally to boost your magnesium levels.

For example, if you have a headache, try applying magnesium oil on the neck, shoulders or temple for a bit of relief.  Or if you have trouble sleeping, apply to your lower legs and feet before bed.  In a general sense, appropriate magnesium may help relieve stress, keep your bones nice and healthy and help your body absorb calcium and vitamin D.

We’ve got two sizes – 250mL and a handy little 50mL bottle (perfect for mum’s handbag).


Hang on, they’re not unique!  Well they are when the pendant is a transformational shield with a sacred design!  These handcrafted transformational shields are all about shifting and moving, transforming and growing – and providing protection to the wearer.

Designed by The Soul Alchemist Sharon Tal, they are also a beautiful piece of jewellery in their own right with 925 silver and semi-precious stones.  There are three to choose from:

Turquoise – aimed for your throat chakra and increasing your expression and metabolism.

Black Tourmaline – the ultimate protection for your energy field.

Lapiz Lazuli – aimed for the third eye and opening of your intuition.

All these sacred designs are made up of the flower of life and the Merkaba. What does that mean?

The flower of life is a geometric symbol, consisting of 19 overlapping circles, spaced evenly, forming a pattern where there circles create perfectly symmetrical flowers, and  Merkaba represents pure devine energy, constantly spinning, harmonizing, balancing, flowing, moving and expanding, supporting you where you want to go.

If your Mum loves her jewellery but needs a bit of direction or protection, then one of these pendants will make the perfect gift this Mother’s Day.


What could be more unique (and powerful) than a pack of 74 empowerment cards?  Help your Mum move from Survive to Revive to Thrive with these inspirational cards.  These simple affirmations can help your through your day or your week.  Or they can help you with a particular question or a scenario you are struggling with.  This little bit of daily guidance might be just the last piece of the puzzle to help you be your best and achieve a life where you can thrive.

Covering emotions from stress to melancholy, from frustration to optimism and so much more, these cards will help you to find clarity and focus.

If your Mum needs a little bit of guidance from day to day, these cards will make the perfect gift this Mother’s Day.


Books aren’t very unique!  Well we’re not talking your standard novels here, we’re talking about life-changing ideas that will help you master your life in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual sense, and gain mastery with your family, social and career.  All in one book!

The Soul Alchemist Sharon Tal has created “28 Lessons in Self Mastery”, a book that helps the reader gain synchronicity and balance in their lives.  Not only that, but it will help you connect to your true essence, gain freedom from anxiety, pain and suffering, clear old programs and sabotages, gain clarity, learn to love yourself…and so much more.

So if you’re after a gift that could be truly life-changing, (and is far more interesting than flowers or chocolates) then this is the gift for you.


This one might not fit the “unique” tag in the traditional sense, but what it transforms into is most definitely unique.

Gift vouchers are common-place gifts these days, but a gift voucher that turns into a healing treatment?  That’s unique.

Sharon Tal has put together a range of options for the Mum who has everything, but needs a bit of “me” time.  Not for pampering (well there is a bit of that), but for health-transforming sessions that could be just what is needed for your hard-working Mum.

How about a single detox session?  At an affordable $55, this session will give your Mum the chance to clear out some toxins.

Or perhaps a half hour ($125) or full hour ($150) healing session – how about some Reiki, or Kinesiology?  Or Sharon can help your Mum choose if she isn’t sure.

To cement your position as favourite child FOREVER, why not buy her one of our top packages – there’s the Sage Detox package for $550, or the Rose-Quartz, Amethyst or Citrine packages for $1,000 each.

There are way too many inclusions in these packages to list here, so follow the links to check out all the details.


We hope you’ve enjoyed our tips for unique Mother’s Day gifts.  All are available in the shop online, or pop in to see us in Caulfield South and pick something up.