Pet Healing

Is you pet acting strange, seems anxious or acting up and you're not sure why?  In the same way that people have unresolved issues or blockages from past traumas, so do our pets.

Over the years, I've discovered that my empathic gifts as a healer have naturally flowed from humans to the animal world.  Given how highly attuned they are to energies, it makes sense that they are similarly affected by trauma, such as being abandoned in the past.

While I offer healing sessions for any animal, I work particularly well with dogs.  Using a range of healing methods such as reiki, channeling or speaking to them energetically, I am able to "hear their problem", then clear their aura and energy field.

By tuning into their deepest soul needs, I can help with:

  • sickness and traumas
  • injuries
  • behavioural issues.

I often find that while sessions can quickly soothe pets, it can also be valuable to clear the emotional energy of the household, or work with the owners as well.


Please give Sharon a call on 0402 117 701, email with your question/s, or complete our contact form and we will get back to you.


Pet healing

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