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Adrenal Story – printed version


Adrenal Story is one of 28 bite-sized books from Sharon Tal’s “28 Lessons in Self-Mastery“.

In our natural state of being, we are cool calm and collected. When both sides of our brain are functioning, our body temperature is regulated and we may focus on whatever it is that we must do. When our adrenals are activated, our corpus callosum (which normally allows our brain to gather

information from its right and left sides) shuts down, reverting us to our primal instincts. We are forced into ‘fight, flight or freeze’, and get hot and sweaty as our bodies go on guard becoming confused. Our breath becomes shallow, and fear, anxiety and stress start to settle in as our thought processes stop and we become scattered. We may then try to reclaim the control we have lost by desperately seeking control over other things or people. By becoming control freaks, we then allow ourselves to procrastinate from the pursuit of our ultimate visions.

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