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Ascension – printed version


Ascension is one of 28 bite-sized books from Sharon Tal’s “28 Lessons in Self-Mastery“.

In this day and age, it’s disheartening to see so many people going off-track with negative or anxious thought patterns, feeling unable to deal with things and giving up. So many lose their path and the reason they came to this world. It is now time to stop, connect, revive, thrive and realign!

Due to the evolution, shifts and changes in energy we are all experiencing, nowadays people are generally more aware of, and able to recognise something is not right in their lives. As they journey with this awareness, they may often feel confused that they are loosing direction or getting sick. Change can certainly be challenging, and what may be happening in this case is that they’re moving through and releasing old layers of themselves that are no longer serving them. They are moving into a new experience of themselves with new awareness and sensitivities.

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