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Head vs Heart –  printed version


Head vs Heart is one of 28 bite-sized books from Sharon Tal’s “28 Lessons in Self-Mastery“.

The head represents our logic – governing what we prioritise, from paying the mortgage to pursuing the right job for us. It guides us in assessing what we need to do in order to fit in with society, and the feedback we receive from it. The heart, on the other hand, represents our passion and desires – governing our progress in pursuing the right relationships for us. During times of conflict, blockages can occur between the two. This usually manifests in the centre of our expression – the throat.

This can be explained using Traditional Chinese Medicine, which identifies a meridian, or energy line, called the ‘Triple Warmer’ or ‘Triple Heater’. Its function is to regulate our temperature and balance our adrenals and thyroid glands. When our adrenals are over-stimulated in times of stress, this balance is disturbed and our thyroids experience blockage. This block to our expression stops us from creating our own reality, and leaves us subject to the reactive cycle of ‘fight, flight or freeze’.

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