Black Tourmaline Transformational Shield – Pure Gold


Are you an Empath? This Tourmaline Transformational Shied Pendant, created by Sharon Tal, The Soul Alchemist, is the ultimate protector on many levels which the eyes cannot see.

Black Tourmaline is exceptionally grounding and promotes self-confidence. Also known to protect the auric energy field from negative energy, allowing you to feel strong to overcome challenges.

The gold mandala on top enhances your connection to the Crown Chakra and above.

The Merkaba transform your energy whilst the Flower of Life shields your energy field.

Are you ready to be grounded whilst accessing the higher planes of consciousness?

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If you’re feeling the calling to activate your true power of feeling totally grounded whilst being spiritual, knowing that it is safe for you to explore your spiritual side, than the Black Tourmaline Transformational Shield Pendant is for you.

The transformational shields, channelled and designed by Sharon Tal, the Soul Alchemist is the perfect expression of your soul alchemy. It enables you to transform your energy with the Merkaba whilst you are protected by the powerful invincible Flower of Life. This sacred geometry has been amalgamated to allow you to embrace your spiritual journey in the most sacred empowered way.

Handcrafted with 925 silver and four different types of semi-precious stones, each has their own purpose and expression.

Pick one or pick all.

If you’re feeling attracted by this mandala you are ready to embark on the next stage or chapter of your spiritual journey. When meditating with it, hold it either in your palm or wear it on your body. You will feel the absolute energy that it provides you. Allow your true inner soul power to be awakened and expressed to its full actualisation and fulfil your mission in this lifetime.

This unique design is so powerful yet so subtle as it is filtering through all your inner layers.

As all pendants are hand-made and natural crystals are used, there may be slight variations, making each piece unique.

The Soul Alchemist and Soul Alchemist transformational shields are trademarked.

Note: Chain not included.