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Weight Management – printed version


Weight Management is one of 28 bite-sized books from Sharon Tal’s 28 Lessons in Self-Mastery.

When dealing with weight management, it is more useful to say you are ‘shedding’ rather than ‘losing’ weight. When you ‘lose’ something, generally you aim to find it again. However, when something is ‘shed’, it is like a serpent’s skin, and becomes forever left behind.

I frequently have clients whose aim is to better manage their weight, and each one requires a different approach. This is because the issue not only concerns shedding kilos, but also understanding other factors that relate to physical weight. Whether people are overweight or underweight, the most highly contributing factor is usually stress.

When we are stressed, we release the hormone cortisol into our system, which prevents the body from burning fat. When the body has been arrested by ‘fight, flight or freeze’ mode as a result of shock or stress, it also slows down the thyroid gland that normally functions to regulate our metabolism. Our body temperature rises as a result, and our muscles (particularly through our legs, jaw and neck) tighten as if ready to run.

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