RESET Workshop: Balance the Jaw - Balance the Body

Do you suffer from:

* Headaches?      * Migraines?      * Stress?     * Back aches?
* Neck problems?     * Hormonal Imbalances?     * Sinus problems? *Clenching & Grinding?     * Bed wetting?     * Post Dental work trauma?  * Digestive Problems?     * Sleeping Disorders?


Anyone can easily learn this powerful technique.

We each hold tension in the Jaw, and its release has many benefits, as the nerves and muscles of this area can impact ones health widely.

Benefits of the RESET method include:

Hormonal Balancing, Pain Reduction, Body-wide Toxin Elimination, Headache reduction, and relaxation of over 80% muscles in the body.

At the end of the RESET Workshop, you will be able to:

Balance the muscles and ligaments of the Jaw and RESET the Jaw into its correct position for yourself and others.



Workshop Details:

Date:                                     Sunday 23 February 2020 (Minimum 6 participants)

Time:                                     6.30 pm - 9:30 pm

Location:                             847-849 Glenhuntly Rd, CAULFIELD SOUTH  VIC 3162.

(Sharon is happy to travel to teach- Terms and Conditions apply)

Duration:                            3 hours

Cost:                                     $150


English or Hebrew?

Sharon is able to run this workshop in both English and Hebrew.



For more information  please call Sharon on 0402 11 77 01 or Click Here to Join our Newsletter Click Here


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