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28 Lessons in Self Mastery Workshop

With about 20 years’ experience in the kinesiology and healing world, Sharon is a proven expert in her field and she is offering us the opportunity to evolve with this amazing practical book and workshop – 28 Lessons in Self Mastery.

With all of this knowledge, Sharon will help your business grow and increase in revenue through thriving visions and strategies, by empowering your employees.

In this keynote, Sharon shares her effective practical tools to increase sales, retain staff and have clients endorse your business. Her exercises are user-friendly and practical.

Benefits for your teams –

    • Build your business confidence and success
    • Connect to your true essence
    • Clear old programs and sabotages that no longer serve you
    • Gain clarity on your life purpose
    • Understand your patterns
    • Learn to love yourself
    • Be empowered

Now, is the time to improve your employees (human resources) ...

You will walk away with practical tools, implementable steps to help you/teams work smarter, rather than harder, which will result in a greater cost effective organisation.

Other workshops available - Circle of Life Meditation, Reiki 1 to Master, Reset (jaw), Kinergetics 1 - 6, American Indian and Touch for Health 1-5.

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Keynote - Glass Ceiling Break Through

Sharon broke through her glass ceiling of childhood abuse which lasted through the ages 4 to 14 years and she battled to rise above via a great journey of successful discovery, which today enables her to be a complete expert in her field.

She walks her talk, has clearly moved from survive to thrive and can inspire your audience to do the same.

Keynote - Adding value to empower your business

Research shows that we are all struggling to get everything done each day. Most business owners / not for profit organisations, are confused about how to support their people to get the most out of these resources. They are constantly asking how can I achieve more sales, drive greater efficiency, reach beyond my competitors and be personally motivated to “value add” every day?

Sharon empowers you and your employees (resources) to “value add” for the business and this flows into their lives, which is an obvious win/win. Sharon will cover practical tools and strategies that all will be able to relate to and use immediately.

Keynote - Leading your employees to thrive

Sharon delivers a compelling keynote which outlines the key differences between being in “survive” or in “thrive” mode and then provides practical tools to assist all to move to or maintain thrive mode in their lives. Regardless of the current business goals, someone has to lead.

Sharon believes that true leaders are those that empower others, inspire others to achieve their goals and then go on to create more leaders. All individuals have the potential to lead and in this keynote, Sharon will empower your employees to thrive and lead, just like she did as a highly competent sergeant in the army.

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