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Symptoms of Burnout, Trauma, Fatigue & How to Recover

How to recover when you have Burnout or Fatigue

A common reason for fatigue, when people are ... they have overdone it, they are in burnout. They're working too many hours, or they're busy for too many hours, they're highly stressed, and they're not recuperating, they're not regenerating their energy. What that means is for a week or a project, you have to work full pace, do that, but if you do not schedule the time to rest properly, your body will just go into a burnout. It will be too much for the body.

Many of my clients come to me after they burn out and have adrenal fatigue as I've done with them I will check your magnesium level, I will check your vitamin C level. We will check where you are within your body with Kinesiology.

Reasons and Symptoms

Sleep or lack there of will be one of the most prominent reasons for adrenal fatigue and burnout. Dehydration will also be one of the reasons. But what we see most at the top level is a trauma. So if you have a trauma or if you have had a trauma in your past, you will have adrenal stress. The job of adrenals is actually to save us, so unless you've moved past your trauma, and you've moved past that war, and your war is over, you will be in a perpetual adrenal fatigue state.

The Role Trauma Plays

Trauma can be from many levels. It can be on a physical, emotional or mental. I see a whole variety of traumas with my clients when they come and visit me. It can be on a physical level, whether someone had a dental treatment or they had a car accident, or they have given birth, and the body is still in trauma. It can be from emotional, whether they've gone through a separation. Whether they're moving house, whether they're in a high-demanding job, or whether they have four or five kids and they're stuck at the house all day every day, and they have to deal with everything that is happening, over and over again.

Most of the causes of burnout and adrenal fatigue or most of the things that create the trauma are actually normal things. They are not out of the ordinary, but it's been too much for too long. And then even the toughest people are affected.

Unless you replenish, unless you rest, your body will not recover. People might take a holiday, and they become sick during the holiday because the body is saying, "Enough is enough. I have to rest." So either it will make you sick, or it will take you a few days to chill out and relax. And you know what? Don't be frustrated. Obviously, your body needs to sleep, to rest, and you will not allow it to rest while you're working to your regular schedule.

How the Body Warns You!

The body will eventually say I have had enough; I need to rest, I'm warning you.

How will it warn you?

- With migraines.
- With dehydration.
- With the lack of sleep.
- With spasms of your muscles.
- With stress and tension.

But you may say, "Carry on, move on, move on. I have to keep marching on." The body will say, "I can march on, but it has a limit. If you don't stop, you'll either get sick or, when you finally take time off, the body will be so exhausted that it will take a lot of time to rest and replenish every cell in the body."

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