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Providing introductory training to Kinesiology, by imparting techniques to balance the 42 muscles / meridians / organ matrix – for improved health and performance. These 5 (five) courses are internationally recognised as the foundation training for Kinesiology.

Practical everyday applications of “Touch for Health Kinesiology” offers increased wellbeing on all levels. 
It will enable you to find and balance allergies, posture, stress, jetlag, shift work and balance the 12 meridian systems; which are the principal channels to greater health.


Touch For Health: 5 Levels

Touch For Health – Level 1 (See below for outline)

Touch For Health – Level 2 (See below for outline)

Touch For Health – Level 3 (See below for outline)

Touch For Health – Level 4 (See below for outline)

Touch For Health – Level 5 (See below for outline)


Workshop Details

Date:                                      TBA (Minimum 6 participants)

Time:                                      9am to 5pm – x 2 Days.

Location:                               847-849 Glenhuntly Rd, CAULFIELD SOUTH  VIC 3162

Duration:                               8 hours per day (16 hours per level)

Cost:                                      $400 per level (According to the national price)


How do I register?

To register, either please email [email protected] or call Sharon on 0402 117 701.



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Touch For Health: 5 Levels

- Touch For Health – Level 1 Outline

Here you are introduced to the basics of Touch for Health (TFH) for both beginners and professionals, the theory of TFH and the acupuncture meridians are introduced with the western reflex techniques that are used to restore balance. You will learn the core techniques of muscle testing and how to do a 14 muscle balance “fix as you go”, on friends or family; release present stress, improve posture; learn which foods enhance your energy; understand the triangle of health; be able to switch on your brain for easier learning; surrogate testing and some simple pain relief techniques.

At the end of Touch for Health Level 1 you will be able to:

  • Understand the concept of energy in the body based on Chinese Medicine
  • Gain benefits in coordination, vision, sensory awareness and posture
  • Prepare an individual for accurate muscle monitoring
  • Demonstrate proficiency in muscle monitoring
  • Evaluate energy imbalances on the 14 major meridians
  • Balance an individual’s energy using a range of techniques
  • Relieve mental and emotional stress
  • Understand the benefit of using a goal with a 14 muscle balance

Pre-requisites: None

- Touch For Health – Level 2 Outline

Teaches the law of the five elements from Chinese medicine, 14 new muscles, Yin/Yang concept, alarm points, meridian massage, sensitivity mode for food testing and more simple pain-relief techniques that can reduce recurrence of the stress

At the end of Touch for Health Level 2 you will be also be able to:

  • Understand principles of the Chinese 5 Elements used for energy balancing
  • Use 14 new muscles and extra techniques to address energy imbalances
  • Use circuit locating to find the priority balancing method
  • Enhance future performance using stress release
  • Use muscle monitoring to identify sensitive foods and substances
  • Benefit from simple pain techniques
  • Use specific integrating movements to improve coordination

Pre-requisites: TFH 1

- Touch For Health – Level 3 Outline

Teaches the following: 
The final muscles, with additional techniques for balancing the body’s energy to give a head to toe balance; reactive muscles, and using colour as a correction; circuit-retaining mode, facilitation and inhibition; relieving stress brought on by past events. Techniques for dealing with chronic and recent pain are also introduced along with deeper understanding of the Five Elements theory.

At the end of Touch for Health Level 3 you will be also be able to:

  • Understand the relationships between muscles and their reactive patterns
  • Use 14 further muscles to enhance awareness of posture and movement
  • Use circuit retaining to hold information whilst finding out more
  • Understand the use of colour and food to balance the body
  • Balance the muscles used in walking, running & sports
  • Identify emotions related to past trauma and ways of diffusing them
  • Use new techniques to help relieve different types of pain

 Pre-requisites: TFH 1&2

- Touch For Health – Level 4 Outline

Brings it all together. You will learn to balance all of the 42 TFH muscles in a standing or prone position, how to balance using Five Element emotions, sound, Luo Points, Postural Stress Release and Tibetan Figure Eight Energies, Acupressure Holding Point theory. Reactive muscles techniques are reviewed as you learn how to ‘put it all together’ in this course.

At the end of Touch for Health Level 4 you will be also be able to:

  • Understand the principles of Acupressure Holding Point Theory
  • Balance all 42 muscles learned, using many methods including sound
  • Relieve emotional and physical stress held in the posture
  • Use the principles of Tibetan energy to balance physical stress
  • Use techniques to relieve pain and symptoms of Jet Lag
  • Improve poor posture by using the principles of reactivity
  • Understand the natural cycle of emotions

Pre-requisites: TFH 1,2&3

- Touch For Health – Level 5 Outline

Teaches you how, Touch For Health Metaphors 
Make Touch for Health balancing more Fun, Profound, Effective and Meaningful.

Using Supportive Dialogue, Positive Goal-Setting and Creative Visualization, access Mental/Emotional and Sensory/Associative aspects of Memory, Posture & Energy enables this.

Efficiently utilize the 111 metaphors in the new TFH Pocketbook with Chinese 5 Element Metaphors to feel better and to gain new insight and enthusiasm for your life.

From finding an emotion related to a goal to balancing energy by making expressive sounds or combining colour visualization with Emotional Stress Release points, the standard TFH protocol provide us with a variety of options for accessing the powerful symbols of the Chinese 5 Element Metaphors.

Adding the Metaphors of Organ Function & Muscle Anatomy/Function/Action, we have 111 distinct images that can be dynamically incorporated into our balancing sessions

Pre-requisites: TFH 1&2



For more information  please call Sharon on 0402 11 77 01 or Click Here to Join our Newsletter Click Here


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